In 2012, CURB released its Racial Justice Platform, a living document that details ways to move our society forward towards equity and justice.


CURB members and Dr. Michelle Alexander, author of ?The New Jim Crow?

It?s been ten years since Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB) formally became a charity, having been resurrected from its early start in 1998. As a volunteer, racial justice, advocacy group, we work to bring racial equity to an island that has suffered under 17 generations of oppression during 218 years of slavery followed by 137 years of segregation, discrimination, and prejudice. The fact it has only been a mere two generations since the final law was passed in 1971 to desegregate primary schools, or less if you reference the 2003 constituency boundary changes, the task of uprooting the legacy of this past is daunting. Today that oppression manifests primarily in structural racism and internalized oppression, with both continuing to undermine the social, economic, political and cultural fabric of our island. The resulting outcomes ensure that Black Bermudians? opportunities continue to be marginalized Bermuda Registered Charity #768 as evidenced by government census and statistical reports. CURB lectures, forums, dialogues, and presentations, and 2012 Racial Justice Conference, have focused on educating the public about the past and how its legacy, systemic racism, continues to operate in our community. Historically issues around race have arisen, but have not been dealt with in a manner that fosters equality and harmony. CURB?s aim has been to ensure the dialogue around race relations is sustained. This has also been achieved through workshops and courses that have been developed on structural racism; hidden history; racial identity; and social justice, diversity and inclusion. In effect CURB?s work is part of an ongoing truth and reconciliation process for Bermuda, allowing people to tell their stories, learn the truth about the past, and learn about what is needed to bring about effective racial justice change in our society. Kobe is studying Building and Construction Management at Purdue University in Indiana. We salute him and would like to share this insight in his own words: ?College has been tremendously beneficial to my growth as a young adult. The power of choice is a lesson learned very quickly when you?re thrown into a world full of young people with different abilities. What I have been able to learn and apply almost daily in my studies, is starting to translate into real life. I?ve started to recognize that there is By raising sensitivity to the past, empathy is created and with empathy relationships can be healed. In 2012 CURB released its Racial Justice Platform, a living document that details ways to move our society forward towards equity and justice. Government submissions, research papers, opinion pieces and complaints to the Ombudsman have been submitted and/or written on Gang Violence, Legalization of Cannabis, Gaming, Stop and Search, Lane School (used to teach Blacks after emancipation), Tucker?s Town Free Black Community, the need for a Living Wage, Affirmative Action, Equality Impact Assessments, Restorative Justice, Criminal Law Reform and more recently Immigration. CURB has built capacity through the training of members in Restorative Justice, Social Justice Mediation, Restorative Practices, Suite 205, 2nd Floor International Centre | 26 Bermudiana Road | Hamilton HM 13 ww


Cross-Cultural Facilitation, and Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion. As such members of CURB have the expertise and sensitivity to conduct difficult conversations around racial justice issues, social justice, diversity, inclusion and equality. CURB?s outreach has grown substantially with its two Facebook pages totaling almost 3,600 supporters, and over 2,000 on our email contact lists. Attendance at workshops, courses, and presentations has also steadily increased with recent presentations being standing room only. CURB sees this increased awareness as good news. Despite the perceived intensity of the conversations, challenges entrenched such as these can only be resolved by addressing the root causes directly. There is a growing empowerment in the Black community about their continued marginalization and their rights. In the white community there is a still small, but growing number of individuals whose consciousness around these issues has been raised, and who seek to educate themselves and understand the legacies of the past and how it impacts all Bermudians today. Lynne Winfield | President | E-mail: | Tel: 441-505-0112 | Website: Facebook: | Twitter: CURB members & internationally renowned, racial justice activist & author, TIM WISE

Student Profile: KEO Memorial Scholarship Winner 2015 -16:

>Kobe Richardson<

ample opportunity all around to be successful. That is the change that I have started to see in myself. My goals have been set not only for the school year, but have started moving in the direction that I want my life to go. Giving back to the community has become one of my main focuses and sources of enjoyment. Being able to participate in multiple fundraisers for multiple causes has aided in building my character - working at The Boys and Girls Club of America weekly; Relay for Life; Riley Children?s Foundation, are just a few. If you are a leader and role model to them, they benefit from your aid and then pick up leadership qualities and traits from you. You also learn how to apply and demonstrate those traits in other situations. For instance, I?ve now found myself stepping up in class to lead projects and discussions among groups. The whole college experience has contributed tremendously to my growth as a person. I continue to work hard to stay on top of my studies; and I know that if I put in the hard work now it will pay off. At the end of the day, it is most important to being able to make a positive difference and have a positive impact on something. Being involved in constructing homes, volunteering, taking on leadership positions and trying to get involved on campus, have shown me how to better myself and feel good doing it.? PASSPORTS TO COLLEGE programmes focus on ACT and SAT, college admission prep, mentoring services, college tours, college fairs and parent/family/community engagement in education. Our services are targeted to instruct student participants in enhancing their writing, verbal and math skills, social skills, study habits, self-confidence and life-long learning. We offer: ? Writing, Vocabulary and Math skills workshops ? PSAT/SAT Test preparation workshops ? Tours of HBCU, Ivy League, Public, and Private Institutions ? Roadmap to college, financial literacy and scholarship resources

? KEO Memorial Scholarship---honors the life Kevin Eugene O?Neil

Bermuda registered Charity #828. Since the beginning, PTC has built relationships with a team of skilled education professionals and community leaders committed to improving the academic performance and college admission rates for middle- and senior-students. PTC has served more than 1,400 students. Our mission is to collaborate with and successfully connect students, parents, schools and communities to college. PTC partners with diverse community groups to provide comprehensive college-readiness workshops and activities for students and parents that focus on strategies and skills essential for college preparation and for life-long learning. For more information please visit our website: | Call: 735-2809

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Good News!

APRIL 2016

The Centre on Philanthropy is very pleased to announce its 5th Annual Family Community Day. We are very pleased to work with Allied World, once again this year, who remain the title sponsor of the event. Bermuda Families are invited to discover the joy of volunteering for local charities in an afternoon of fun, food, games, entertainment and prizes. The event is entirely FREE to families and is a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together while making a difference in our community. Family Community Day is an opportunity to harness the boundless energy of youth, rallying together with their closest loved ones, to come together

With very special thanks for the genorosity of our


Sunday, May 15

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Victoria Park, Hamilton Volunteering Fun Games Food Family FREE Admission!

and give. Children learn compassion and community awareness and together, families are building the foundation for volunteerism through the next generation. Allied World and The Centre on Philanthropy?s goal is to offer an event that makes volunteerism appealing and fun for the whole family. Students are also able to It is widely recognized that children must have sufficient diets in order to participate productively in school and there is significant evidence to support this. In 2007, the Coalition for the Protection of Children spearheaded efforts to ensure that children in Bermuda start the day ready to learn through its ?Breakfast for Every Child? programme. Every day of the school year, the Breakfast Programme provides juice, cereal, milk, a granola bar, and when available; yogurt and/ or fresh fruit. Each participating school has one in-school representative, who oversees the programme and in addition, the CPC has volunteers who engage with the children in a positive and interactive manner to ensure they have an encouraging start to the day. We are grateful for the wonderful teachers involved as well as the amazing volunteers of the programme. After completing 8 successful years, we are pleased to have recently added another school to our list; for a total of 10 schools who participate in the Breakfast programme. During the 2014- 2015 academic year, approximately 40,000 breakfasts were served through this initiative. The programme launched with a one year pilot project in which the CPC conducted pre and post-tests based on students? CAT tests. CAT test results from 2007 (before the program started) were compared with results from 2008. Scores rose overall ranging from an average improvement of 32% to 67% .While we cannot claim 100% responsibility for these gains; we do know that hungry children are not as able to focus and learn. Anecdotal reports after Bermuda Registered Charity #334 We are hopeful that the community continues to support this important programme and the positive impact that it has on our students. To get involved and/or make a donation to the programme, please contact us on 295-1150 or Bermuda Registered Charity #335 Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director The Centre on Philanthropy gain Community Service Hours by attending the event and participating in non-profit projects and visiting information booths. Their attendance will net them two hours of Community Service. The entire community is invited and we hope that everyone comes out. The Centre on Philanthropy is most grateful to Allied World for their continued partnership in sponsoring this great community event and for partnering with us to strengthen the non-profits and family life in our community. For more information, please visit our website: or call us on 236-7706.

The COALITION Adds 10th School to its ?Breakfast For Every Child? Programme

the first pilot year from the staff and administration from the participating school indicated that students were more prepared for learning and that there was a significant decrease in disruptive or negative behaviours in the classroom. All of the staff agreed that the programme should continue and should be expanded to other schools. Overall, we know that students who eat breakfast, perform better in school. They pay more attention, are more creative, think better, and score higher on tests. We are hopeful that the programme continues to be funded by our generous donors and that we can include everyone who expresses a need for Breakfast for Every Child at their school. Studies to support reasons why children should begin their day with breakfast include findings that breakfast: ? Improves psychosocial behaviours ? Affords better concentration, less boredom, less anxiety ? Lowers risk of indulging in high calorie foods later in the day and includes several other health benefits that facilitate in achieving and maintaining appropriate body weight such as: helps decrease fat intake throughout the day, kick starts the metabolism to burn fat more effectively ? Provides brain with needed energy source for better functioning ? Gives needed energy for the day and supports better/more involvement in physical education


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