The Bermuda Karate Organisation was formed to promote local competition in martial arts and support local competitors entering international events

Founded in 1970 by Skipper Ingham, 10o, Bermuda Karate Institute (BKI) focuses on the gojuryu (hard/ soft style), one of the major branches of Japanese karate, which originated in Okinawa. BKI karate training has integrated self-defense and elements of judo and jujitsu (ukemi) into study of the classical goju kata as practised in the Okinawa Gojuryu Karatedo Kyokai. Sai and Iai exercise is available to those who have developed a good foundation in the empty hand aspect of the arts. The karate curriculum follows the kata emphasis of the Okinawa Gojuryu Karatedo Kyokai formed by students of Eiichi Miyazato, with karate specific warmups and basics; it does not include hojo undo (karate weight training) and extensive makiwara, although makiwara are available in the dojo. To over 150 children North Village Community Club (NVCC) offers a safe environment and quality, certificated coaching to our young men and women in football and netball alike. We also have cricket and golf teams. This tradition began in 1957 and NVCC continues to strengthen its quality product and service to the community and we would like to highlight some of the successes from just this past year. At NVCC?s senior level, Mr. Jalen Harvey has recently graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Jalen is also a member of the senior National Team squad. Azendae Furbert was chosen as Head Boy of the Berkeley Institute. Zanawi Bowen, also a student at the Berkeley Institute, during the month of June has been an outstanding representative of the Bermuda U-20 national team while Jahzardae Samuels just graduated from the Berkeley Starting from the beginner level of white belt, grades of advancement used are green, purple, brown and black belt - which is considered a new beginning, rather than the end of training. The introduction of Muay Thai in 2006 under the direction of Ray Sillar has added an exciting complementary training emphasis to the BKI curriculum. Classes are conducted by the following instructors: ? Skipper Ingham, 10o, Founder ? Kristina Ingham, 80, Head Instructor ? Gladwin ?Roots? Phillips, 8o, Senior Instructor (Boddhidharma Zenjiryu Karatedo) ? Geoffrey Rothwell, 8o, instructor ? Zenji Ingham, 8o Kata No Bunkai instructor ? Deondre Morris, Muay Thai Kru We formed The Bermuda Karate Organisation to promote local competition in martial arts and support local competitors entering international events. BKO sanctions four annual tournaments in Bermuda: Sensei Roots? Shiai, the Bermuda Open Karate Championships (BOKC), the Lepercq Memorial and the Skippy KICK. Sensei Roots? Shiai celebrated twenty years in February 2016. The BOKC had its thirty-fourth edition in April; the Lepercq was held for the sixteenth time this month, and the Skippy KICK is scheduled be held for the twenty-ninth time in November this year. Top finishers in these local tournaments, including Kent Bean Jr, Jasmyn Renfroe and Andrea Mckey, have been sponsored to enter John Chung?s World Cup Finals in Virginia, usually held in January. We have also supported Anton Daniels, Jeron Gunness, Panzy Olander, and Jay Astwood with partial sponsorship for training in Thailand. Bermuda Registered Charity #315 Bermuda Karate Institute | 55 King St | Hamilton HM 19 Mailing Address: P.O. Box HM 2140 | Hamilton HM JX Tel: (441) 292-2157 | E-mail: | Web:

NVCC Provides community & sporting activities in a safe environment, while equipping young men & women with the

necessary skills to achieve success on and off the field!


Bermuda registered Charity #130 Institute with honors. In the U-12 division, we had players nominated as ?Mr. Scholar Athlete? for Middle School boys and selected to the Middle School All- Star team (West). For the U-10 division, we had players that were Head Boy, House Captain, Champion Boy for Sports Day and on the Honour Roll!! The past year saw NVCC continue to support the community by raising funds for those in need. This year the recipient was Mr. Kacy Simons ? a young man loved in his community. Sadly, Kacy succumbed to his battle with cancer. NVCC remains ardent to the fight against cancer. For our sixth consecutive year, during the months of October our team wear the colour of pink. This has been done to raise awareness and to prayerfully find cures for those affected by cancer. NVCC has titled the event, ?Kicks for Cancer?. The ?Kicks for Cancer? annual campaign sees one of our corporate partners, Freisenbruch-Meyer Group, donate money for each goal scored by the football teams as the club sells pink apparel and other items to increase the amount of money raised. !00% percent of profits are then donated by NVCC to Bermuda Cancer and Health. We realize the process of character building and our young men and women are deeply involved in the ?Kicks for Cancer? event as NVCC strive to develop leaders and upstanding citizens. NVCC have been an annual mainstay at the ?Argus Walks the Walk? event, participants of Tag Day (internal and external) events and Keep Bermuda Beautiful community events. Mailing Address: P.O. Box HM 1802 | Hamilton HM HX | Facebook: E-mail: Stacy Grant,

The Bermuda Karate Organisation has given $1000 Academic Scholarships to outstanding competitors to help them further their tertiary education, including Jeron Guniness in 2007 and 2009, Kent Bean in 2012 and Jasmyn Renfroe in 2013. Our current committee is Skipper Ingham, President; Gladwin Phillips, vice president and Kristina Ingham, secretary/treasurer

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Good News!

JULY 2016

Sweet 17! Bermuda?s Youth Volunteers Receive Recognition & Awards

On Wednesday, June 8th The Centre on Philanthropy held its Youth Volunteer Recognition Reception as part of the Allied World Family Community Day celebrations. Local charities nominated and recognised youth volunteers during the event which provided non-profit member organizations the opportunity to formally thank and celebrate their dedicated volunteers. The awardees included: Rhianna Allen, Nkosi Edwards, Mackenzie Costa, Veronica DeGraff, Lauren DeSousa, John Ewles, Lèa Grandisson, Sophia Hamilton, Jala Hayward, Jamal Hewey, Natalie Lightbourne, Emily Medway, Sihle Sharrieff-Hayward, Jessica Swain, Channa McGowen, Danielle Maloney, and Logan Thompson. Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director, Gina Spence Productions (GSP) is well known in the Bermuda community as a grass-roots organization which provides performing arts opportunities that send positive messages to educate motivate and empower the community. The primary objectives of GSP are five-fold and intertwine for one of our major programmes: to provide support and guidance for persons who have faced trauma and other serious emotionally destabilizing events; to assist parents by providing school uniforms/supplies for those severely impacted by the current economic conditions; to provide seniors with much needed gift cards to assist with their medication and children with healthy food items; assist artists who wish support to hold concerts, events and other artistic pursuits; and offer community outreach activities through the faith-based subsidiary of GSP. These programmes were developed by and are all exclusively managed by GSP.

With very special thanks for the genorosity of our


Bermuda Registered Charity #335 Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director The Centre on Philanthropy and Jonathan Lee of Allied World presented certificates to the awardees at the well-attended reception. Jenice Germain, Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator for The Centre on Philanthropy said, ?It shows our young people are learning to give through the gift of time and we are thrilled that nonprofits are providing opportunities for Bermuda?s youth to give back. ?Today, we are standing in the midst of future philanthropists who will make a tremendous contribution to a healthy community both today and in the years to come.? Please visit the Centre on Philanthropy website for volunteering information. The Allied World Family Community Day, cancelled due to weather on May 15, is being rescheduled for later this year.

?The Champions Programme? is assisting children who have been exposed to and affected by weighty acts of gun violence.

Fun at ?We Celebrate You ? Champions Programme Dr Gina Spence, CEO & Founder In recent years, our children have been exposed to and affected by weighty acts of gun violence. The ?Champions Programme? was established as a result of our CEO-Founder having direct impact twice within her family within a short span of time. Some of our team have been trained in Crisis Intervention. It requires them to be ?on-call? at the hospital, on holidays and other significant dates (we have also trained members of other organisations). If there has been a shooting or other violent act that impacts a child, GSP is contacted and provides awareness of and guidance to the appropriate agencies/authorities who can best deliver the required service. Within the last three years, GSP has been significantly liaising with the Comfort Zone Camp, a grief counseling and management program which assists the youth during this arduous grieving process. They also assist the parent/ caregiver in the process. The significance of our connection allows us to partner with them to not only assist our youth but also train individuals here on island. Bermuda Registered Charity #856 Our first family will be travelling overseas to attend one of the camps next month, funded by the generous donations of our supporters. Visit us on our new website for more information or call (441) 707-5224 for Dr. Gina Spence.


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